The online recording courses were designed to give people the ease of learning the basics to the advanced side of Sound Engineering from the comfort of your own front room. There is no set schedule to which you have to complete the course, you can look over it and carry it out in your own time! 

The course includes three 30 minute videos, each of which have a test at the end which you can take and send off to be assessed by a member of the team at Michael Clarke Studio. Once passed, you will recieve your own Michael Clarke Studio certificate in Sound Engineering!

The first video will include the basics of Recording – the setup and what is required, any issues that may be faced when connecting an interface to a laptop/Mac and how to tackle these issues. We will also briefly go over what multi-tracking is and how to record multiple guitars!

The intermediate section will go over MIDI tracks being included into your track to give it a bit more depth and value under the main riffs and rhythms, this can include a Bass guitar and Drums (should these not be accessible to record directly into the track). This section will also give you an insight to some of the effects available, for example a Compressor and a Limiter.

Finally, the last section will look into the Advanced side of Recording, the part that will define your track from the rest and give it that professional sound you need to be able to put it out onto Social Media and get the reactions you are looking for! We will look into Mixing & Mastering, finding the right balance for your sound, for your track. We will also look further into the effects available – one of the main effects for any track will be the EQ.